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Terry Ber Online

About Me

Things I Really Love......

Brad Ber

  • Listening and watching my son Brad play the big bass.................
  • Brad inviting me to listen to the new song he just finished writing and recording................
  • Seeing my son dressed up and wearing his long wool dress coat and hat..................
  • Being a witness to his professional acumen when he is "taking care of business"

Peurta Vallarta, Mexico

    Seeing clients' with disabilities eyes light up when they realize ...                              

  1. that they are somebody!
  2. they have something to be proud of
  3. they have potential
  4. & that they have the ability to make a difference!

Harlan, Kentucky


  • Feeling the refreshing, the hope and the encouragement that my Saviour Jesus Christ gives me when I'm tired, stressed and feel like I blew it!
  • I love when He lovingly reminds me that we all have a purpose and a destiny!  
  • I love how God reminds me that I am not alone in this life and that He will complete the work in me that He has started.
  • I love how He enables me to let go of the things in life that cause me pain and  in return He gives me His Peace that passes all understanding.
  • I love knowing that my sins are forgiven and that I have no need to fear anything in life or death!

Things I love....
Writing a new song
A good movie
Photography (taking a great picture)
Helping people
Doing things with friends & family
Shopping & finding a steal of a deal!

Being a part of my Church (

Vacationing in countries I've never been in before

Eating and going to a movie with friends


Where am I from? 
I was born in Chicago and reared mainly on the southwest side of the city.  For the past 25 years, I have lived with my husband (married 34 years!) and my son, in Frankfort, IL. 
I have 3 brothers, my older brother Dennis lives in Somonauk Il, and my 2 younger brothers Jeff  and Eric live in Houston Texas.  We talk ALL the time.......Thank God for cell phones and 3 way conversations!
My parents were both from Harlan County, which is located in the southeast corner of Kentucky.  Growing up we vacationed there for 2 weeks every year.  (No doubt, that's where my love for Country Music started!)

Favorite music?
Gospel, Country, Rythm and Blues, Rockabilly (which is old time Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis Presley), Classical, Opera, Rock & Roll,..... I love just about every type of music! 

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